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The Jaybooty is the most powerful, thicc, roundest and bootiful booty on earth. The Jaybooty is truly one of a kind. The best kind! Everyone wants the Jaybooty. Everyone blesses the Jaybooty. And most importantly, everyone needs the Jaybooty just as much as the Jaybooty needs the protecc. No implants, no need to do squats but I guess you could say that anyone who requires the Jaybooty is #BornThisWay

The Jaybooty is currently owned by someone who is probably not willing to give away the booty (especially not for free) and will forever protecc the Jaybooty from other horny boys and girls.
Narrator: And here we have the rarest booty amongst humanity.... The Jaybooty. Just look at how it jiggles.
The Jaybooty: *Twerks*
Narrator: ...... *dies*
by JuicyB00ty04 July 17, 2018
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