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A complete and utter dumb ass who laugh's louder than The S Word and yet still looks like the most basic bitch you'll ever meet. Stephanie Nava, a retard who goes to Farnsworth in Illinois. The only guy she's ever dated was Eli, Which makes sense that she would go for damaged goods. They most likely dated around age's 10-11 and most likely Eli realized that he had fucked up massively by dating a basic bitch. I would say a basic white bitch but she get's hit by a chanclas so... :) She has the fakest friend's I have ever met. Seriously. What dumb bitch hangs out with a girl who asks's what's 12 x 12? Also, Let's say one last thing. She has literally never made it to 1st base, and the bitch has the nerve to say shit about everyone else's relationship? Get your own first :)
The Insignificant Other S Word.
Actually just get a life.
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by TheTeaSpiller August 09, 2018
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