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Indy rox ass - - it is the best education you can get in delaware so all u guys talkin shit about are just jealous cuz we're smarter than u...Most high schools are lookin at indy students closer than they are lookin at any other piss off our rich asses. And u can make fun of us for bein rich preps...but whats wrong with that? we're rich- so what? There's nothing wrong with being rich ~ its not like we're greedy sluts and assholes--we're all honest ppl who admit that we are cool and we DONT dress like sluts - Pahlease! if u wanna find sluts and assholes, take a look at tower hill...
rich preps are ppl who are rich and where preppy clothes like from abercrombie and Ralph Lauren and Juicy and we pop our collars and watch OC every Thursday night - even the guys. Why? Because we're cool
by Indy roxx May 10, 2005
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school in delaware where all the seventh copy off the 8th graders where they give behaviorals out in the beginging of school for blowing your nose out of turn or throwing foam frisbee(aka and bareh) at somebody
go there and you shall see and witness these stange events
by jeremy freelance March 12, 2005
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The Independence School is located in Newark, Delaware. It is inhabited by a large amount of preps, yet a small preportion of them are punks. The teachers seem to take the side of the preps due to them looking like they are interested in school. Many of the preppy kids move onto another VERY preppy school. Tatnall. If you do not like preps i advise you not to take one step in either of these schools or you will be very disgusted.
Yo, do u go to Mckean(punk school)
No way. Can't u tell I go to Independence by the way I dress?
by anonymous March 23, 2005
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indy sux as a skool all a day they could care less about the kids and more about the money...thats why all the teachers are leaving....and all the gurls there are sluts should see how they dress...and all the boys are cocky its another shit school
indy sux ass and it doesnt give a shit about nuthing but there god dam reputation
by former indy student March 24, 2005
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