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The Iceberg is, without a fraction of a doubt, the most powerful physical attack ever produced by any living creature to grace the surface of the Earth. This move has yet to even be mastered by anybody in the last 15 millenia. The only known record of the move dates back to 65 million years ago during the cretaceous period, creating the explosion that is widely known for bringing about the end of the dinosaurs.

The move begins with a world-shaking holler, the first signal that imminent doom is approaching. The user then leaps into the air and pounces onto the opponent, flipping them over their head and onto the ground face first. Once the user recovers onto their feet, they will unleash the final part of the devastating attack on the enemy, who is on the ground on all fours in agonizing pain. The user will channel turn around and sprint from 0-to-200 mph towards the downed enemy, winding their right foot back for a kick. Then you will harness the strength of Mother Earth herself, and deliver a kick with the mass of a thousand suns directly to the enemy's testicles. The impact will be so grand, so powerful, so absolutely catastrophic that the light produced when your foot makes contact with their balls will act as a 600-meter radius flashbang. The kick will split every atom in the ball-sack simultaneously, effectively creating a "Tsar Bomba"-tier explosion. Using this move should only be used as the final effort, the last stand, as it will surely bring about the end of days.
Eric: "Wanna hear a joke bro?"
Jon: "Yeah, your momma, got 'em!"
Eric: *does The Iceberg on Jon*
Everything on Earth: *fucking dies*
by DiningEtiquette November 24, 2020
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used by latin moms to beat their child's ass
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The sexual act of a dominant partner putting a scoop of ice cream up against the anus of their non-dominant partner and the dominant partner sticks their penis through the ice cream scoop and into the anus
Me and my girlfriend tried The Iceberg last night.
My girlfriend didn’t make me a sandwich so I punished her with The Iceberg.
Dude have you ever tried The Iceberg with your girlfriend?
by Newwordstolearn69 December 30, 2020
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