One in the front and a fist full of ice in the rear.
Similar to The Van only funnier and colder.
See also: The Shocker
Bitch was gettin uppity about my fist in her ass, so I decided to chill her out with the Ice Cream Truck.
by Sphincter_Soup April 20, 2009
A White Truck that comes around summertime around you're neighborhood to sell ice cream to everyone to keep cool.
by Ratt April 9, 2005
A vehicle, usually white. With a man in it. Who sells icecream.

Makes some people heavily depressed when hearing its jingle on a warm sunday evening.
This could be due to an overdose of the jingle during a long period of time, and/or childhood traumas. When it isn't heard for a long time, it can cause either a sudden shock or an anxiety attack. Both should be treated with the proper care, for it is a serious illness.
Ice cream truck:...Too too to to to tooo to to to tooo to to too toooo...
What happens then:
1. disbelief
"What's that? What do I hear?!..."
2. denial
"This isn't happening. Isn't isn't isn't. Can't be. Can't be!"
3. mental breakdown
"Why, why, why is this happening to me?!"

=> The subject could become severely distressed, and should be treated with tranquilizers at first. Further treatment should be sought if this should happens more often.
by dundundunnnn June 10, 2007
A vehicle that resonates annoying, repeatitive music throughout your neighborhood for about an hour. If you're unlucky enough to live near the projects, you even get the honor of listening to the same theme (or a slightly remixed version) resonating while you are trying to take a nap, or god forbid, sleeping after working a graveyard shift, about 3 different times a day.
When I was a kid, we had to walk to the ice cream palor. Now, we get to listen to a loud and annoying theme blare through our windows while we are trying to nap, watch a movie, or have sex, in the comfort of our own homes. THANK YOU MOMS OF AMERICA!
by The Sub June 22, 2005
Your crush. Plain and simple.

As a kid, when the Ice Cream truck would come around, you would get excited and shit. Thats how you feel when your crush walks by.
Dude, Mary is soo cool. Shes my Ice Cream truck
by ConkersBadBreathDay July 12, 2013
when a woman or man is giving a man oral, after the man cums she/he keeps it in their mouth. After which she/he goes to another person in the area (usually at a party setting) and kisses them and spits the cum into the other persons mouth.
Linda was giving Josh head, after he came she went over to Tom and ice cream trucked him.
by joe kremel July 3, 2006