After multiple hours (4-6) of playing video games, usually on the computer, you sit back in your chair and lose focus from your monitor. You gradually look around the room and realize this is how you are spending your time, and that there is so much that you can do in this expansive world. As all the possibilities of your actions flow into you, you let out a, "huh", and with that all of your previous thoughts are bottled up and you go back to playing your game.

Note: "The Huh" may occur when you are having fun, but studies have proven that it is 75% more likely to occur while playing by your self, and a staggering 90% while alone and doing a monotonous task.

Some variations may occur such as:
-Taking a long walk and reevaluating your life
Claeb sat in his chair, grinding for rare loot against the most fierce and ferocious beasts in all the land, he defeated the World Boss and was rewarded with the most abysmal loot ever imagined. He leaned back and thought if this was even worth it. After rubbing the regret out of his eyes he looked around the room and took a moment... "huh", and with that he went back to grinding.

This was the first ever documented case of, "The Huh".
by Sir Huh WIlliamson III January 3, 2016
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the laugh of a teenage male between the ages of 13 and whenever they decide to become mature. usually has longish, shaggy hair the he refuses to comb and/or wash.
Girl: "Hey Adam, what's up?"
Adam: "huh-huh-huh-huh"
by alyssuh! April 19, 2007
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what a fucking mother fucking dumbass fool says when they know EXACTLY what you just said and EXACTLY what you mean but chooses to act a mother fucking dumbass so they can avoid the question because they know they are about to get HELLA exposed
1) me: why are you being so salty
him: huh

2) me: tell me, why would you ask that?
him: huh

3) me: literally i have given you everything. all my time and emotions but im getting nothing back from you. can you just tell me if this is even gonna work out anymore?
him: huh
by donutlover505 November 11, 2018
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To be a fuckin moron and continue to be annoying everywhere, unwanted by everyone.
"Huh huh"
"You suck"
by Joe Low Low June 16, 2009
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when you join the group chat during a heated convo and you have no idea whats going on.
Joe (Mama): and thats how i found out that i sexually identify as an apache attack helicopter
Aaron (Sz2): huh
by PPJohn19 March 24, 2020
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1. Often used when surprised by or in disbelief of something.

2. Also used when you didn't hear what somebody said. Or

3. When you don't understand what the person said but you heard them clearly.

4. And also used when you just want to mess around with somebody by pretending that you didn't hear them. :D
1. David: Hey Mike, look what I got on my test!

Mike: *looks at the test* Huh! No way! Never thought you'd be smart enough to get a C on a test.

2. Charlie: Hey Meg, did you happen to see my cellphone anywhere?

Meg: Huh? What'd you say? I didn't hear you.

3. Mr. White: So, 9th graders, as you can see, 1 plus 1 equals 2.

Timmy: Huh? Can you show us again how to get that answer, I don't understand.

4. Julia: Omg, I am so mad at my friend. She said she was going to come to my party but she never showed up and this isn't the first time she hasn't come.

Alfredo: *pretends to not of heard her* Huh?

Julia: I said my friend didn't come to my party, and this isn't the first time she's done that. She never comes to my parties anymore!

Alfredo: Huh??

Julia: I said my friend is an ass.

Alfredo: Huh????

Julia: You need to clean your ears.

Alfredo: Huh????????

Julia: I know you heard me! You're a fucken asshole!

Alfredo: Huh???????????????
by Huhhy November 2, 2010
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