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When one decides to no longer give a shit about something or someone or a certain situation; like the honey badger (See the youtube video-Randall's version- if you don't know the honey badger). The honey badger doesn't give a shit. It's a more "polite" or eloquent way to say "I don't give a shit."
Person 1: Oh man, are you studying for the final, its tomorrow morning!
Person 2: No, I'm taking the honey badger option for this one...

Person 1: Oh my god, did you hear about him/her?!?
Person 2: Nahh...I'm taking the honey badger option for him/her..

Person: I will forever be taking the honey badger option for this class/that person/situation.

honey badger, shit, polite, randall, youtube craze, life options
by The Original Honey Badger December 26, 2011
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