A sexual act where the man places his hands upon the girls "pleasure spots" and types out the following

Lolz, you don't know what I'm typing. But I bet your glad that I took keyboarding in high school. And with that said you will orgasm caps lock NOW space, space, space, space, space, enter, enter, enter, enter
1. Dan: Dude I totally made this girl asdfjkl;

Lee: Give her the good ol' home row?

Dan: fo sho

2. Jim: the girl was asking for the home row. But I didn't know it. So Dan had to step in

by crazyfreakoman October 31, 2010
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When you smash somebody with a computer keyboard in a humorous fasion.

First seen on the television show, "Attack of the Show" on G4 TV.
The keys from the keyboard left an imprint on my face after I was Home Rowed.
by MechaTC April 4, 2005
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To have somebody convey their anger and frustration through a violent attack utilizing computer keyboard
My coworker was so fed up with the cramped cubicle next to my office that he took his keyboard and homerowed me in the face.
by Zerolok April 14, 2005
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When used as a verb it means to strike someone with a keyboard in the face. This happens in schools and offices often or in any high stress atmosphere where a keyboard is present.
zak: hi whats up?
shane: nothing... why the hell do you want to know?
zak: just curious...
(shane puts his fist up in preperation to fight)
zak: your done
(zak picks up a key board and home rows shane in the face)
by zak_taylor May 10, 2005
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The first sets of keys a person usually learns in a keyboard. Home row is asdfghjkl; basically, it's the middle row of keys where your fingers should be set when they aren't being used. Your left hand: pinky on the a, index finger on the s, middle on the d, and pointer on the f. Right hand: Pointer on j, middle on k, index on l, and pinky on ;
"Hey man, I just learned home row!" "Holy crap! That is amazing!"
by GSGoldSoft March 9, 2004
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1. n. Place where fingers rest for keying and typing. It is asdf and jkl; using all the fingers but the thumbs.

2. v. Home-rowing. Using this type of keyboarding method, as opposed to the "Mighty Index" finger method.
1. "Now class, put your fingers on the home row and type a semi." - Mrs. Lang, my keyboarding teacher.

2. "Dawg, I'm home-rowin' it in this chat, bitches." Me, in chat.
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When you go and type something only to find that your fingers aren't on home row.
Duder 1: where was your field trip doggy?

Duder 2: this place in Seattle, it was pretty fun. At least I got out of work.

Duder 1: nivr

Duder 2: what the fuck?

Duder 1: *nice, lol, my fingers were off the home keys

Duder 2: nice home row slip you fuck up
by westfalia January 22, 2010
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