A series of short films put out by BMW in 2001-2002 featuring various BMW models. These films starred British actor Clive Owen as a driver for hire.
If you haven't seen The Hire series, you are really missing out on some great films.
by JonathanChance September 29, 2003
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A combination of being both high and tired.
Dude 1: "Dude, I waked and baked, and I also hired yesterday."
Dude 2: "Kewl."
by spencer hardwood February 23, 2008
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To be high and tired at the same time.
"I'm mad hired son!"
"I'm hired dude."
by No1_Hater March 18, 2008
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Are you hiring?
Yes I had to fire my last girlfriend. She couldn't hold her fork right.
by streetvet March 8, 2014
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A covert combination of the words 'high' and 'tired', for use around mixed company.
Guy #1: Hey man, I got hired yesterday and passed out in my neighbor's hedge.
Guy #2: I don't see how getting hired had anything to do with passing ou- OH, gotcha.
by Doug the Shrug August 2, 2010
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An awesome band. Although they are supposedly a 'christian' band, the rockin music is anything but and many fans will tell you how they aren't. A very little known band that should be more popular.
Me: Listen to this apparently 'christian' band, Icon for Hire!

(Friend who only listens to christian music): Woah...that isn't christian music...

Me: It's awesome though right?

(Friend who only listens to christian music): Hell yeah! They rock!
by Lcpotter January 6, 2012
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Have ever looked around your company and noticed how many team leaders and lower management tick diversity boxes? These people are diversity hires. All big corporations have quoters for diversity they need to meet and by hiring and promoting people who tick the right boxes the HR team can feel they are fighting for social justice
My new ream leader is a diversity hire. Totally useless but the company will cover for him as he's black and gay
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