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Scales for measuring Mark Hickmans Cringquakes (Incredibly Cringey Moments)...
The Hickter Scale is the best known scale for measuring the magnitude of cringy moments performed by Mark Hickman. The magnitude value is proportional to the logarithm of the amplitude of the strongest cringe wave during an "cringequake". A recording of 7, for example, indicates a disturbance with ground motion 10 times as large as a recording of 6. The table below gives the frequency of cringequakes in a year and the effects of the cringequakes based on this scale.

Hickter scale no. Frequency per Week

<3 - 800 000 Detected only by cringemometers .

3 - 30 000 Just about noticeable by others.

4 - 800 Most people notice them.

5/6 - 1400 Everyone notices them, asked to leave shops.

7/8 - 15 Serious damage: People cross the road to avoid, people may collapse.

9 - Great damage, most people run in fear.

10 - One every 5 to 10 years Total damage, people have been known to "drop dead".
The Hickter Scale:

Mark will attempt to chat up a girl by telling her he loves her.

Nearby people will give him a rating, something this severe would usually earn a 7.
by :)pusihtedamzeb February 25, 2010
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