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During the course of oral sex, ejaculate into the young ladies eye causing her vision to be impared, then smack her in both ears immediatly after causing her to briefly loose her hearing, and causing the sound of ringing in her ears. This will cause the illusion of the historical figure Helen keller who was Blind and Def.
Hey have you ever dated a handicapped person?
-No i have not have you?
Not quite but i gave my date the hellen keller last night!
by G-rant H December 09, 2007
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Noun, usually used as a verb. The Hellen-Keller is when you are hooking up with a woman who has large breasts, and you bury your face in the middle of them, wrap her breasts around your hears and continue to yell...... "I can't hear you!!!! I can't hear you!!!!
" I just gave that girl The Hellen Keller, and I woke up her dog."

"I'm mad because that guy gave me The Hellen Keller, and he woke up my dog who doesn't usually sleep well.
by Scribystyles16 December 13, 2009
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when a man is getting a blowjob from a woman and instead of the tradtional "on her knees" style, he is reversed so his nutsack is now on her eyeballs, one nut in place of each eye, so she cannot see, this is because Hellen Keller was blind. Also, he is using his free hands to cover up her ears, this is obviously because she was deaf. Finally as she is becomin acquaintences with his johnson, he makes her say a sequence of words that are incomprehensible because, of course, his shlong is in her mouth, causing her to seem mute. After she has become mute, blind and deaf, you can officially say you have performed The Hellen Keller.
Kevin: Boy, I could sure dish out a good ol' Hellen Keller right about now.

Rodi: Oh Boy! The Hellen Keller? My favorite!

Kevin: Well in that case, let the Hellerin' begin.
by Sniffles Bakalakastan June 27, 2009
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