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when a girl is giving u a blowjob and u pull out right before you cum and u put your baby yogurt in each eye and ear so that she can no longer see or hear, you then reinsert you semihardon back into her mouth so she cant talk and make her rub your herpes riddled ball sac as if she is reading brail
yo i gave that bitch the hellen kellar lastnight, she was so def, dumb and blind she had no idea what was goin on
by Zachary E December 11, 2006
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My room mate was sleep walking last night so i drop kicked that Hellen Kellar looking mother fucker and he fell dome piece first to the floor and tried reading the floor with his hands like The Hellen Kellar would if she was drunk.
by Jesse O., Alex M. February 08, 2008
Happy St. Patties Day!