Noun: A sex technique, where a recipient takes a seat in a chair while two friendly gents stick their penises in the recipient's ear to the best of their abilities. The gentlemen administering their penises must hold hands above the recipient to complete the "headphone" shape. The recipient usually wears a warm smile and strokes the penises, but this can vary depending on the tone of the encounter. The Headphone is similar to the "Eiffel Tower," in a sense, but involves a remarkably different feeling.

Verb Infinitive: to headphone
Verb Gerund: headphoning
Charlotte: I did the headphones with those homeless dudes that hang out near the mini-mart.

Charlotte's Dad: Get the fuck out of this house!

Hector: We should headphone your new girlfriend.

George: I think Agnes would be down for that.

Doctor: Your ear infection could have resulted from multiple things: swimming, showering, or even headphoning. Just practice safe ear-hygiene from now on.
by Rimmy Jimmy May 23, 2014
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(n.) A socially acceptable “I'm ignoring you.” device.
We talked to him early this morning, but he's got his headphones on.
by tuff stuff October 21, 2015
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A device that, if used correctly, well surround you and completely drown out all human life. Also used to ignore pricks.
" My headphones broke."
by Bumbumbuum December 11, 2016
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verb. When a person puts their headphones on and pretends to be listening to music, when in reality they are listening to the conversation around them. This is done for the headphoners benefit. You can find out all sorts of interesting information previously unavailable..
I headphone when at the nurse's office when people are getting weighed, talking about their problems, and also at my Mom's church meetings..
by SuperSize August 7, 2005
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tiny little speakers generally connected to ones ears.
man my headphones broke how am i gonna listen to my emo? *cries*
by Briam September 1, 2003
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I technology device you put on your ears only allowing you to hear your computer because of the speakers in your ear
I am going to put on my headphones because I cant really hear the computer because it is very loud in here.
by Joegamerbro March 26, 2017
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A device placed over one's ears playing music to drown out the jabber of people speaking a foreign language in their own country
Mate, I went to Kiss Gyms yesterday and there were so many jabbering away, I had to put my headphones on
by gymncooking October 1, 2015
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