A masterful portrait of the great Harris Ahmed drawn artfully by an unknown up and coming new artisit, who shall remain anonymous. The portrait has sparked world wide insight and fame internationally, causing a whirlwin effects throughout the small town of Rancho Cucamonga, California. The portriat appears to be a man of Middle Eastern decent possibly returning from a brutal and bloody war, dressed to impress at his post war feast, complete with five o clock shadow and a 'thumbs up' for the world to see. The portrait has sparked many artisist to attempt a recreation of the piece, but none with ever match the awesomeness of The Harris.

Bibliography of The Great Harris Ahmed:

Harris Ahmed was born on Decemeber 2, 1991 in Bloemfontein, South Africa to a farming family with modest means. He has since lived in Lebanon, France, USA, Mexico, Russia and Jamaica.

He began working at age 9 as a rice picker, shoe polisher and waiter to pay his school fees and those of his four younger brothers and sisters. His hard work and perseverance allowed him to outperform his classmates nationwide, earning him the prestigious MOHSAA (Medal of Outstanding Academic Achievement) in 1984 at the age of 13, when he graduated high school.

He then moved to the USA to complete his three majors (Mathematics, Biomedical Engineering and Econometrics) at Harvard University. He currently holds two PhDs.

His philanthropic spirit has taken him on humanitarian missions to Argentina, Brazil, Guinea, Uganda, Myanmar, Malaysia and Swaziland. He is estimated to have personally helped over 10 million underprivileged children.

Growing up in several multi-cultural environments, Harris is octalingual. He is a native speaker of Mandarin, Swahili, Russian, French, English, Arabic, Greek and Turkish.

His irresistible good looks and charm have brought him famous girlfriends such as Jessica Alba, Heidi Klum, Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Lopez and Beyonce Knowles.

He is the only man to have received the Nobel Peace Prize three times (1993, 1998, 2001). His acting performances have also earned him several academy awards.
"wow did you see The Harris I heard they're gonna start printing that on money!"
by theharrislovers92 March 10, 2009
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An act following fellatio when the woman, choosing not to swallow the man's semen, spits the ejaculate into her hand and throws it at high velocity at the man's face.
Katie went down on David, but he was in for a surprise when she stood up and gave him the Harris, knocking him unconscious.
by Tom T March 10, 2008
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A harrie is a person who is a fan/stan of the singer and actor Harry Styles. They are a very dedicated and loving fan group. Harries often fight for they lives on twitter to defend Harry Styles.
They’re wearing the crocheted cardigan with a pearl necklace, they’re probably a harrie!
by kiwiwatermelons April 19, 2021
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A member of a large family.
Plural of Harris, is a 'Hoard' of Harris'
Yeah I'm one of 12 children
Clearly you must be a Harris
by KAAATEEE August 16, 2010
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Harry is a guy who is one of the nicest people you will ever meet, around his friends he is so open but inside they are shy, he is not the best but not the worst either, he will cheer you up when your down and he has the best sense of humour
by Hazzahdj May 18, 2014
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A Harry is a sometimes conceited but overall kind person with a keen disregard of the rules at some points. You can count on a Harry to be brave and stand up for his beliefs. However, there is an extremely vulnerable part of Harry that he only lets out to his closest friends. There are times when Harry can feel lost and alone, despite his relative popularity. Because of this, Harrys can go through periods of snapping at you and the rough side of him is heartbreaking. But, if you are related to or are friends with a Harry, don't you worry. He is extremely loyal and generous to his loved ones. Because of his subtle cockiness, many underestimate how good of a comforter Harry is. He is selective with his friends and quick to make enemies, but when you earn his trust he will stand strongly by you through your dark times. Harry also has a very appealing sassy humor and a naturally handsome look.
On a Saturday afternoon, you can find Harry in his favorite bar or cafe relaxing with his best friends after a long hard morning of sports practice.
by c00k13n3rd August 27, 2019
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Harris is the type of guy that is smart in math but in other subjects, he not as well. People mostly judge this guy for his hair but when you get to know him he's funny with some jokes, he does not smile very often and make sure everything is done in a fashionable order before playing. Once you get to know a Harris don't let them go because they care for you in ways you don't understand.
Wow, that guy is such a Harris.
by The man whom never speaks April 16, 2019
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