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Montgomery, Alabama. a word made popular by the rap group Deuce Komradz
"State Trooper tailin' me but he know who I be, escortin' me back to tha G-U-M-P".."The Gump, there you have it"
by d3LRi0 July 22, 2006
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Slang for Montgomery, Alabama. Also called Gump-Town and the South Eastern Circle. Rappers: Fat Head, Small Tyme Ballaz, Duece Komradz, King South, Eldorado Red, Killa Katt, Big Hulk and a bunch more. Best places in town to light up is the south-eastern side and the areas along the Southern Boulvard, some killa weed. Examples: Virginia Loop, Woodley, Regency Park, Camelot Apartments, parts of Ridgecrest and parts of Fairfield. The cops here are strict as hell. Watch out for Jump Street too, locals know about that. Lots of unmarked cars and blacked out Chevy SUVs. We're in the center of Memphis, Atlanta, Jacksonville and New Orleans so we always got some good shit going through town.
Im from The Gump where we dip our blunts in syrup and stay x'ed out all night long.
by ssblood May 15, 2010
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In this case, it would be a DIFFERENT kind of gump. Not the tall, lanky kind.

This quadrupedal gump is quite large and stocky, and often a pale, creamy color, with a peach-colored streak down its back. The gump is called so because of the sound it often makes.

Gumps are rather fond of eating, and are prone to being attacked by poodles and weasels. Gumps take up large amounts of space and often get in your way.
The gump walked down the hall and collapsed with a loud "GUMP", blocking the way.
by AmberAlmighty January 24, 2005
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when you see someone running very fast
Friend 1:Did you see that?
Friend 2: Ya man that boy put the gumps on

Friend 1:Yes I just won the race
Friend 2:Hey man where did you get those gumps?
by T-Free88 February 26, 2011
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