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The Guitar Hero Phenom is a young kid by the name of Danny Johnson who is widley recognized as the best Guitar Hero Player in the world. In the fact, there is nobody who even comes close to posessing his ability. He has gotten 100% on virtually every song that has ever been on any Guitar Hero or Rockband game, and has the videos to prove it. He has posted at least 50 videos on youtube, where he goes by the name of "GuitarHeroPhenom." In these videos, he utilizes cool editing ticks where the veiwer is able to see his fingers hitting the buttons while they can see the note chart simultaneously. Also, his amazing guitar hero ability has brought him fame, as he has appeared on television and is in the Guinness Book of World Records.
"Yo man, Jameslikecoulter is sick at guitar hero but he's not even close to being as good at The GuitarHeroPhenom"

"Dude, The GuitarHeroPhenom FCed "The Devil Went Down to Georgia". I didn't think that was humanly possible!
by kdsjf891&% June 15, 2009
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