A condition in which a person experiences crippling stomach cramps, but are unable to take a shit. Will often have you wishing for sweet death and cursing yourself for having those Chili Cheese Fries for lunch. That chocolate milkshake probably didn't help matters either. Can last for several hours or in extreme cases, several days (The Raging Grips). Rest assured, when the bottom drops out though be prepared because shit is about to seriously go down (pun intended). Usually following a case of the grips is a condition called "Shotgun Disorder".
I don't know what the put in that cheeseburger but I've got a case of the grips that'll have you running for cover.
by Rocky Skyline November 5, 2009
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"A Grip" - An large amount of a particular item (ex; time, money, and/or female ass). Originated with hustlers counting their cash with how much would fit between your thumb & index finger (grip). Then it evolved into describing any item of large a value/quantity.
1. That BMW must have cost a grip!
2. It's been a grip since I cruised the shaw.
3. Keisha has a grip of ass!
by Marcellaus April 29, 2006
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The final actions to kill someone when they are knocked out
by buildlineage November 9, 2020
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Yo! I got a grip of cash today, lets go spend it.


Theres no need to buy more beer, I have a grip at home.
by Nemon23 October 4, 2002
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For a long time. See grip.
We've been waiting for a grip.
by Fangsta March 19, 2003
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Adj. Characterized by intense anxiety or fear, and accompanied by twitching muscles, rapid breathing, full body muscle contractions, testicular retraction and severe puckering of the anal sphincter; usually brought on by climbing on difficult terrain or WAY above your last piece of protection.
Dude, he's about to peel; he's way too gripped to finish the climb.
by jrw April 25, 2005
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an adjective used to describe a long length of time
Yo, I havent seen you in a grip. It must have been a year.
by K-BREEZY April 5, 2008
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