The mighty and beloved Quandavius ruled over Black Adam land with his crown of the six Goofies of Pringle land, he (The ruler of Black Adam land) is the rightful king and should remain on his throne FOREVER!
Quandavius Pringles Dingler II The Great is the rightful owner of Black Adam land.
by The One To Trust January 8, 2023
Chad is chad which is why he monkey. He fought in the great monkey war. Between the Orangutans, and the Gorillas. It was a war where murder.

As said from PatatoSald the great monkey:

“In the great monki war, one of the monkis got injured. But chad saved him when he was in his prime age, he carried for the Gorillas and killed the Orangutans forcing the Orangutans to surrender.”

Chad later died of obesity
"For every great Monki there are chads and for great chad there are bad monki's but every monki has a good in it so never judge a monki by its first impression." -Zipez A great monki chad
by Furry Owo February 3, 2021
University girls who have group chats that constantly involve their personal sexual encounters, how they've cheated on their partners, and everything else penis craving sluts do!
My ex-girlfriend was a great value hoe, I saw messages on her group chat that she fucked my best friend in her roommates bed while I was in hers!
by Keeperoftingz March 6, 2017
The time beginning mid-March 2020, when people stayed home in an act of global solidarity against COVID-19. An initially high-anxiety, high-stress period worldwide, people finally emerged healthier, better organized, and more confident and self-reliant than prior.
Thanks to The Great Staycation, potential homeowners now ask themselves "can I really imagine being stuck in this house for 14+ days?"
by Patient48 March 22, 2020