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Perhaps one of the most embarassing events in one's life can be the revelation of your bathroom business to another individual or even worse, to a group of peers.

With this having been said, an effective recourse is eliminating the evidence of your presence in the ominous bathroom stall -- stinking the bathroom up with scents reminiscent of a three-week old rotting carcus coupled with other countless rancid aromas.

What's the magic behind these means? Simply lift your legs to conceal your footwear from other pesky pissers who are eager and willing to notice your kicks when egressing from your bowl blater.

Henceforth, the act of lifting your legs in a bathroom stall to conceal your identitfying mark of your shoes/pants, shall be herein referred to as "The Great Poohdini" - coined by Jonathan Walsh, April 28th, 2004 at the University of Scranton.

aka: "goin' legs up" or "David Crapperfield"
"I think Doc was steaming out a raunchy log, I couldn't really tell...the sumbitch pulled the Great Poohdini on me as soon as I opened the door."

"Drew, if you're gonna shit in the Weinberg bathroom, you better go David Crapperfield, or Dave might tell that hot bitch about your pungent deuce."
by Jonathan Louis Walsh April 29, 2004
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