Dave : I am going up to Fort Sill for Artillery training.

Brad: Off to the Great Oak!

Dave : yup
by Bootspike November 3, 2011
What Peter Andre hopes his acorn will one day grow into.
'When I stroke my acorn it grows, now that's mysterious alright. But then it gets small again - insania!'
by Stewie May 19, 2004
A school full of a bunch of burnt bitches with chlamydia
"Hey did you hear about great oak high school"

"Yeah a chick gave me chlamydia from there"

"How burnt"
by Great oak roast page March 11, 2014
A school in southern california full of people who think they matter but in reality just have chlamydia.
Great Oak High School- A school in southern cali full of wannabes and chlamydia

Being a faggot is to Great Oak as being an accident is to first born children

"What school do you go to?"
"Great Oak"
"Wow you don't matter and you have chlamydia"

"Did you hear about that kid from great oak?"
"He got chlamydia"
by That_guy_in_the_slut November 6, 2014