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A widespread social networking event during the late 2000's where nearly everyone but a few indie bands (who have since Mygrated as well) dumped everyone's favorite site Myspace for shiny new ones, like Facebook, Twitter Tumblr, etc. -- ones that forced users to put on their big boy pants and use their actual names and pictures instead of unsearchable poopsmears.

Reasons for the Mygration were manifold, and although there was a time when many people had both (Myspace and other SN sites), backers of each in the younger crowd would trash-talk the others as vehemently as their keyboards and playground insults could allow. Fortunately, Facebook (among other sites) was aimed at an older demographic than Myspace, and as there was an actual higher age gate to get a page in the first place, many found they could tune out the middle-schoolers by simply leaving them behind. And as more and more people committed to the switchover, Myspace became emptier and emptier, leaving it the shell of its former self that it is today.
Bob: Hey Mary, I tried for hours, but I just can't find your Myspace.

Mary: What?? It's easy dawg, I'm "xxxLiL'BiZzY gOt$ 2 $WaGgGxxx". (profile pic is a 20-pixel jpeg of someone else's car from a Google image search)

Bob: "...Oh, ok." (searches profile, finds chaotic, seizure-inducing monstrosity with mismatched fonts, cringe-worthy layouts, and links to other such terrible pages).

Bob: "Fuck it, I'm going to Facebook." (thus begins The Great Mygration)
by D Mo Drummer July 18, 2014
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