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The Great Mel is an amazing person that is beyond all in this world. She is comprised mainly of mellium, which is the most precious element ever to be found. It was discovered very recently by 'The not so great Travis'. This 'not so great Travis' is the son of The Great Mel. This explains his 'not so greatness', because he is actually part Great Mel.

The Great Mel is also known to be the worlds greatest drug, which has the effects of crack, but is actually good for you.

As stated in The Great Mel's testament:
-The Great Mel knows all
-The Great Mel see's all
-The Great Mel is all

The Great Mel has the only known copy of the testament, which was written by The not so great Travis, and contains a lot of The Great Mel's hopes, dreams, sayings, and most important of all, the "Mel Wheel", which describes The Great Mel as a whole. The "Mel Wheel" has the three things which make up most of The Great Mel. These three things are:
-amazing ness

This whole article has been provided by The Great Mel's closest stalkerizer 'The not so great Travis'. Actually, it is 'The not so great Travis' that has written the article. Yes, this was written by a half-god if you will, a close relative of The Great Mel. A son, a friend, a stalkerizer, and who knows what else:P

So next time you need a guiding light, just close your eyes, and think of The Great Mel...
(I know it works for me)
There is no real example of The Great Mel except The Great Mel herself.
by The not so great Travis April 03, 2007
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