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A phrase inspired by the popular TV series "Desert Punk". The phrase can be used as an insult as well as a compliment. "Owning the Desert" would make you the main character of the series "Desert Punk", stating that you are in complete control over a situation or things are going well for you. "Lost in the Kantou Desert" would mean you lost control over the situation, or you are downright hopeless. Also can be interpreted into a taunt of some kind. It can be cut down to terms like Kantou, Owning the Desert, etc.

Also see "Desert Punk"
Guy A: I finally got John to stop hitting on my girlfriend!

Guy B: Way to own the Kantou bro!


*Guy A Destroys opponent in Call of Duty*



Guy A: I have to study for an entire midterm in one night.

Guy B: Man, you are lost in the desert.


Guy A: I finally got that raise, I've been trying to get for about a year.

Guy B: Good job man, The Great Kantou Desert is yours for the taking!
by Anonymous234785 January 28, 2009
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