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Also known as the Furry war, The Great Furry war of 2018, and in some cases World War III, The Furry war is and ongoing battle for superiority involving gamers and furries. Some groups have managed to make alliances with natives, such as the weaboos, the memers, and in rare cases, furries have gone as far as to capture rare and violent T-Posing children to set off on rivals. It is currently unclear as to which side will win the war. Some say it has to be the gamers, as the chief constantly respawns. Others say furries, as their numbers are always growing, and, as stated before, they’ve begun the taming and possible selective breeding of T-Posers. The war has also lead to a decline in bread, as the property are making sandwiches to supply the troops at an alarming rate.
“Man, I could really go for a sandwich right now.”

“Yeah, this war is really using up all the energy of us and our fellow gamer bois.”

“Exactly, but there’s just no telling when the Great Furry War will come to an end.”
by DemonPotato November 25, 2018
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