The act in which a woman stands on a table above you, jumps, and goes into a split and lands on your dick.
Why you limpin bro? This one fat bitch was mad brawlic and she pulled off the great divide on me.
by Frodo Tbaggins March 11, 2011
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A term used to describe President Obama. Before coming to office he said he was going to unite the nation, yet all he has done since is divide us all in to two camps (i.e. those who are with him and who he calls "smart" Vs those that have a different point of view that he treats like the enemy).
One does not have to look far .. just watch his every action as they speak to the above definition 100%. He is the Great Divider.
by Gdadl January 14, 2011
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a term used (either by liberals or conservatives) to describe a president they fo not like.
conservative in 1999: “clinton is a great divider
liberal in 2007: “bush is the great divider
conservative in 2015: “obama is a great divider”
liberals in 2019: “trump is the great divider”
by windowshit July 03, 2019
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A huge chick's firm yet HUGE vag. Mostly concerning the lips/flaps.
I bet she has a great divide.
by shesafucker March 21, 2009
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The Great Divide is when something is in disagreement or war.
This term is sometimes called the equator.
The meaning of this word varies, depending on how you want to use it.
Examples of the term being used

1. Many religions claim to know what happens after we cross the great divide

2. There has never been a greater divide between the two parties.
— Stephanie Toone, ajc, "‘You are killing Jews’: Man dragged out of Trump news conference Monday," 4 Feb. 2020
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