A complimentary way to refer to a woman's vagina.
Sarah: That was amazing!
Bill: You sure do have a grand opening!
by drifthunter August 16, 2010
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When you use all of your fingers and toes, your penis, and your tongue, while thrusting your pelvis and giving a maniacal laugh. If done right, you can please up to 22 women.
Did you see that sith lord perform the Grand Opening? He was penetrating 22 women!
by Darth R September 3, 2007
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The deflowering of a girl.
She had her grand opening...with the ribbon, mayor and giant scissors!
by Jay Mott November 13, 2016
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Scissoring technique that only works on virgins.
It’s time for The Grand Opening baby~

You ready for The Grand Opening, baby?
by Gvcd March 27, 2018
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