He who has the gold makes the rules
When your child askes you about the golden rule you could say "do onto others as you would want them to do onto you." or you could say "He who has the gold, makes the rules"
by Spencer McGrew December 6, 2005
If a bro is about to get a lap dance or ablowjob, you do not shoot them.
bro, kevin is about to get a lap dance" "get my revolver" "no dude, don't you remember the golden rule?
by stanky_rabbi October 30, 2010
This describes the lack of homosexuality when two guys are having sex that includes a female.
It's okay when it's in a three way. It's the golden rule.
by Diggity Dog May 29, 2011
For older gentlemen, always going to the bathroom to urinate before leaving home, work, etc.
Cliff always observes the golden rule before going anywhere.
by Mountain Swamp December 22, 2006
He had many things to pay for and he had screwed over his friends but he was still loved. why? because he abides by the golden rule.
by advent_23 November 20, 2010
Don't fuck with the people that handle your food.
That botch forgot the golden rule so I gave her some dick cheese for that salad
by Waiting101 February 7, 2017
1. Bob's Golden Rule of Life #1 - Women Get It When They Want. Men Get It When They Can.

2. FOPEA - Females Obviously Prefer Egotistical Assholes.

3. The Harry/Sally Rule - "Men And Women Can Never Truly Be Friends Because The Sex Part Always Gets In The Way."

4. Naked Curiosity Rule - Males Always Desire Seeing Female Acquaintances Naked... Always.

5. All Availability Rule - Regardless of their own status, men are fundamentally averse to encouraging a relationship between any woman and any other man.
Guy 1: "Men and women are so different. I wish we had a manual to decode eachothers behaviour"

Guy 2: "We do! The Golden Rules of Life!"
by bobandbill April 7, 2011