A glitch that was a part of iOS 11.1 where when the letter "I" was autocorrected to the letter A and the symbol ⍰.
Me: Hey A⍰ updated to the new iOS software!
Someone else: I think you have The Glitch
by zeatlefan September 25, 2018
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Glitch: (noun) a mistake, error, or sudden lapse in judgment

Glitch: (verb) to make a mistake, to make an error, or to have a sudden lapse in judgment; to mess something up

Glitched: (adj.) something that is messed up; something that is not right/ fair
(noun) I didn't mean to tell Jake you like him-- it was a glitch!

(verb) Man, I glitched so hard last night when I got with Stephanie.

(adj.) He was so rude to you-- that was so glitched
by yaśssssssssss February 11, 2016
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A small, often almost indescribable thing ... a paperclip ... a thinger ... a piece of snackfood, for example a Dorito chip, which in this case can describe a plate or container of snackfood, especially when in its plural form ... glitches ... an appetiser.

A very useful thinking word when you cannot remember its name ... a what-cha-ma-call-it ... a thing-a-ma-bob.
Needing a paper clip to secure his printout, John asks his secretary for a glitch.

Can you please pass me a glitch?

You dropped a glitch on the floor!

Would you like some glitches while we're watching TV? Note how descriptive this is of chips or nachos. With nachos you remove a chip (glitch) one glitch at a time. Even the cheese on nachos can be refered to as glitch ... Would you like some extra glitch on your glitches?

Shall we go to Red Robin for glitches? going for appetisers

Fluffy left a glitch for you on the floor. referring to a piece of dry catfood brought as a gift or perhaps a piece of dried poo or hairball found about the place.

I'm glitched-out meaning I've eaten too many/much ... i.e. chips

A glitch for you, a glitch for me referring to sharing and distributing Raisinets or other small candy at a movie theatre. Popcorn is never properly referred to as glitches, perhaps because of its oily nature.
by Loodje van Slooten June 27, 2009
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An interruption of the perceived norm.
I have a glitch in my engine.
by Jefe.Robison October 7, 2017
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An error in a structured system. It is usually applied to electrical and computer systems.
The electrical grid has developed a glitch
by Mittens November 12, 2003
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When someone acts in such a way that they resemble a "glitched" or bugged character from a video game, usually on drugs.
Justin: Dude why is Greg walking back and forth repeating the same thing over and over?
Ryan: I dunno dude, he's glitched as fuck.
Greg: I'm guessing I should just go and fuck myself..
Justin: What? No..
Greg: I'm guessing I should just go and fuck myself..
Ryan & Justin: He's glitched.
by flawedcode.mp3 May 16, 2017
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To be super weird, awkward, cringey, and make no sense at all.
Justin: HEy did you see Greg acting like a dog yesterday?
Ryan: Yeah that kid is glitched as fuck
by One trick pony May 15, 2017
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