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Is an ancient custom originating near the Baltic islands. It dates back to time 650 A.D. This customary tradition believes that a charming young lad and suited young damsel are together supposed to go on a sailing journey into the Baltic seas to find a glass slipper which is fitting for the damsels foot. Through the cold, rough seas, and high tides, the couple forge a deep bond. Once the slipper has been found by the suited couple, they return to their village to share their new found treasure and enjoy a celebration with their families. It is indeed a joyous occasion and much festivities are part of this wonderful tradition. Bucket tossing, mule painting and giraffe riding prime events of the tradition. The final toast of the night occurs when the couple drink to their new found joys in the glass slipper they retrieved from the Seas of Baltic.
Ahoy captain, i hear the tides are high. It's okay, anything to uphold the customs of the Glass Slipper Tradition. Anything to drink butterbeer scotch in a glass slipper with my charming young lad.
by damselofbaltics June 21, 2010
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