youtuber gal group made up of emma chamberlain, hannah meloche, and ellie thuman
omg when the girdies are together you know the vlogs are gonna be funny af
by clairesettle July 18, 2018
Something that is both good and dirty at the same time. Used most commonly when relating to the quality of food bought from a fast food restaurant.
Me and Matt got some Brody's the other day, it was soo girdy that i ate it all and now feel sick.
by Le Frat House January 22, 2008
A group of close friends, normally in highschool, who are the middle of the social class totem pole.
Hey look here comes the Girdie Gang, together as usual
by Braden_0703 November 17, 2019
A group made up of Krysia, Kyra, and Olivia, they are amazing!
The Girdies are amazing
by Milli Doggo June 27, 2019