The first Christmas Eve after a spouse's parent has passed away, the husband dips his penis into their loved one's urn and has sex with his wife.
By dipping my penis into this urn and letting your vagina swallow the ashes, we are honoring the life of your late Mother. This is, The Ghost of Christmas Past.
by doofmonger May 24, 2010
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a sexual act involving the use of a deceased relatives ashes as lube during the holiday season.
I dipped my dick her mother's urn, then went upstairs and pulled off a ghost of christmas past.
by McDrunk February 13, 2012
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He is the ghost of christmas past, and he is here to show you what christman was like.

2. The toys were also deficated upon because they were so STUPID.

3. I cannot live with that guy. He is so annoying. And he does not wear a shirt.
by You Stole my Wristwatch August 07, 2004
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