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The Georgia Boy Special, is when a woman lies naked across a bed with a large fan blowing down upon her. The male partner then stands behind the fan and proceeds to jack-off till he cums in the fan. The hot, sticky spooge is thus scattered and propelled through the fan blades and is nicely dispersed across the naked women from head to toe.

For extra points, you do this while the woman is sleeping by aiming the fan directly at her face. Be careful not to wake her so do not turn on the fan until you're about to cum. If done right, the woman wakes up when the fan kick on and is thus immediately blasted in the face with cum that drys quickly. This is called the Georgia Boy Wake Up Surprise
"Hey Joe, Why's Tina lookin' so stiff and pasty this mornin'?"
"Man, I gave that ol' skank ass hoe the Georgia Boy Special last night."
by redkey9 April 17, 2010
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