The Gem is the artistic manifestation of Blizzard's technical inpetness in undergoing practical procedures after a sporadic burst of inspiration that cannot be translated into a workable application due to insurmountable restraints imposed by time, management and marketing.

It's form is its purpose. The gem's behavior is its true function. Inability to grasp that concept is the paradox that questions the gem's function based on the consequences of its behavior.
<The Gem> I do nothing.
by Canis Lupus April 2, 2003
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A seemingly useless button with a gem graphic to most, but an avatar to others. Some say the largest cult in the universe derives it's power from The Gem. Others speculate that every time The Gem is clicked, an angel dies. Most people think it just increases your chance to find a gem shrine in Diablo II.

The Gem has a random chance to say "Perfect Gem Activated." I heard some kid got it to say that and his house exploded.

Think about it.
The Gem is a world wonder.
by -Drakken March 4, 2004
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This fascinating marvel of internet technology appears randomly in many of today's top computer games. Although no one knows just exactly what it does, it is obviously an object of immense power and spiritual energy. When you click on this gem it "activates" and can only be de-activated by clicking on it again. Rumor has it that, if activated enough times, The Gem will have a "perfect activation." This is a very dangerous thing to attemp, as no one who has seen this "perfect activation" has survived without some type of mental retardation. It is speculated though, that if you survived the torrential influx of power and data, that you would become some kind of information God. Sources who monitor The Gem at several of the games it has appeared in have this to say about it: "The Gem does nothing." This is obviously a conspiracy to hide the true meaning and purpose of The Gem.
Gem Activated.
Gem Deactivated.
<LamerX> HOW 2 UZE GEM?
<Storm_Shot> The Gem does nothing.
by Izuals_Rage April 2, 2003
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The Gem has been rumored to be many things. A in chat-trading feature cut before release? not likly. A cruel joke by blizzard, maybe. A test from extraterrestrials to see how intellegent we really are? naahhhh
it HAS to do something.... doesnt it....
by Anonymous April 2, 2003
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Gem is a good person. A kind person. Gem deserves all the happiness they can get
you're such a gem
by Orcawale July 31, 2018
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A gem is something that is absolutely great. Usually preceded by the word 'absolute.' Popularized by a certain individual named Dave A.
Tom Brady is an absolute gem.
by noodles May 27, 2004
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"Wow Lisette is such a gem, she's so cute."
by essyme April 6, 2017
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