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A large group of people that play COD Black Ops together.
Bry: Jordan is it 4:30 yet?

Jordan: Ya why?

Bry: The Gang must be on
by hizzydada July 21, 2011
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Of "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" members include: Dennis, Dee, & Frank Reynolds; Charlie Kelly & Mac

Home base: Paddy's Pub
"Did you see 'Sunny'? The Gang tried to make a showing of Thunder-Gun Express because they heard that 'dude hangs dong.'"
by The CK1 October 23, 2013
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dumb boys who jerk off to themselves while playing lax and wouldn't have friends if it weren't for the b10tches. Love making fun of the b10tches (although they are better than them) and enjoy hanging out with avon girls while on chronic and going to every mobil in CT. Mainly full of people with very red hair or No hair at all!
"Do you want to hang out with the gang tonight?"
" No I don't hang out with bald people... sorry!"
by gayRfoster February 10, 2009
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the coolest group of kids ever. members including:
the baker
the slapper
and kevan who doesnt have a name yet

man, the gang is really cool
by knobs January 15, 2004
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