The futureheads are not Irish as the previous entry says, they are from Sunderland in England and therefore are mackems. They produce fabulous music and you should buy their album now!
The futureheads make wonderful music that you can dance too!
by QueenOfThePixies March 4, 2006
The Futureheads just released a new LP Area (go get it)
by sophia ferd January 9, 2006
Dudes and Chicks!!!
The "Futureheads" suck ass!!
Their "music" is the most aweful "music" i have ever heared
Even the ban's name sucks ass!
Try listening to something else like "Dream Theater"
Citizen - Who are you?
Futureheads - We Are The FutureHeads! :)
Citizen - huh,huh,huh... you probably suck :D
by Stuffer :P May 27, 2006