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A facebook page of a 1611 Speak Fundie that buys into the Flood Geology and pushes the academia from those who went to Pensacola Bible College as academic insight. He was caught slandering Bloodgood in facebook chat with The Cabbie Homicide writer and The Ethereal Gazette publisher. Noted for peddling his group -- GENESIS: Origin of Truth as he sees the Genesis creation narrative as literal as it's supposed to be seen as allegory. He's a noted Young Earth Creationist in the vein of Fucking Cartoon and Uneducated Huskster. He is a member of the group, Kent Hovind: the Man, the Ministry, and the Message.
Since the wordpress blog known as the light blue blog in 2014, did "King James Only Examined" a sub-sect of the Fundie website Creation Liberty Evangelism and the follower of that group, The Fundamentalist Fundie who is a King James Only meme based cybervangelist who pushes a true willful ignorance.

Noted for starting a public fight with An Eye In Shadows author and trying to parrot, James 3:8 at him as he pulled "Your timing really sucks donkey dick" as he yanked out a photograph giving the highway salute. The insufferable asshole is known to have more than one facebook account with the same name. As revealed he is active with several groups such as Independent Fundamental Baptist KJB Bible Believers.
by ilinoishorrorman February 15, 2018
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