The only reason you’re not living in a total communist, dystopian, tyrannical, degenerating, mass-genocidal, satanic, anti-god, pure-evil, world-government, hell.
Be honest with yourself without The Fuhrer and Fascists killing over 30 million communists and crippling their strength and plans of taking over and terrorising the entire world the allies who funded and aided communism into existence would fail to fight and easily be defeated/surrender to the demonic bolshevik tyrants.

A place where every single person suspected of disagreeing with their pure-evil, satanic, scam, cult would be killed and even mass-murdering people by random and quotas.

Oh but let’s never suppress, censor, or hate communists at any level like how we do with fascists. We promise we’re not closet-commies!
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The only somewhat intellegant person to ever live.
"The Fuhrer is the best waifu"
"Heil Hitler"
by reggiemiller 31 October 5, 2020
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"leader" in German

Hitler's title in the Nazi party.

most common reference to hitler, Mein Fuhrer (my leader) & Der Fuhrer (the leader)
Heil, Mein Fuhrer

Hitler : Germany, I am your Fuhrer!!!
by p h January 26, 2006
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1. An illness that is common in Eastern Germany- symptoms include hating on Jews, assaulting Poles and suddenly befriending each and every Japanese person you meat. Informally known as the Adolflu, it is extremely dangerous and if one manages to survive a while they may experience stronger symptoms such as attacking the French, growing hate towards the English, and, under certain circumstances ( winter) also picking fights with Russian gangs. That is usually the last thing one will do before death.
"Hey man, what was that for!?"

"You're Polish."
"So what, you racist bastard!?"
"I didn't want to tell you this... But I have the Fuhrer"
by MKpro January 10, 2018
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a special day in the week where we celebrate the achievements of Hitler
Person 1: yo u gonna go to the movies today?
Person 2: no man its fuhrer friday i will be at the rally
by fuhrer friday August 5, 2006
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The act of leaping over your significant other and defacating on them while in mid-air.
"My girlfriend is into freaky German sex. She wanted me to give her the flying fuhrer but I couldn't time mein leapen' with mein poopin'. I am der wurst."
by boxfullofninjas October 18, 2004
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Well if u know what mirror's edge is it'll help....

A definite borderline offensive WW2 game idea made by me. Your a jew and must run away from nazi soldiers and gestapo hawks, while trying to get in the boat for palestine.

pretty offensive....
dude i'm so good in fuhrer's edge that i can finish one level in 35 jewish minutes.

- how much is that in normal minutes?
- 1's on slowmo u know
by titikakkakl October 16, 2009
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