The bravest Frenchman is a tongue in cheek phrase used to represent the concept of a mutually exclusive enigma. The French are typically represented as the first to give up in a fight, fly the white flag & let someone else fight their battles for them. It is like saying, "who is the strongest weak man?"
Watching the first graders play a pee wee baseball game was like trying to figure out who is the bravest Frenchman.
by 73degrees October 16, 2010
When a girl jacks you off with her armpit and then your dick ends up smelling like B.O.
Holy shit she gave him a frisky frenchman.
by jack hoffman February 15, 2005
The anus or the anal cavity.

Analogue to chocolate starfish, bunghole, asshole, cigar burn, etc.
I heard Joe got his frenchman's cove mangled by some inmates.

Dude...she let me put it in her frenchman's cove.
by Lil' Taka May 5, 2006
A hefty bowel movement left simmering in an un-flushed toilet either by accident OR for the purpose of shocking subsequent users of the bowl
After a hot make-out session at the club, she took me back to her apartment for sex. Having to piss real bad, I went to use the john. Imagine my shock and horror when I opened the lid and was confronted with a Frenchman's woodpile.
by mistereddie December 10, 2009
A Dirty Frenchman is the same as a Dirty Sanchez except when you wipe your finger on their lip you say ha ha haa in a french accent.
JD's ex girl Ashley loved a Dirty Frenchman.
by BigSkullMan May 14, 2014
aka shady abortion, aka she'll think it was a a miscarriage. V. To shadily abort your girl's fetus while she is sleeping, utilzing a coat hanger, and sneaky tacics.
The bitch though she could trap me by saying she was pregnant..... good thing for the sneaky frenchman.
by Dennis "Pierre Ruger" Raw October 15, 2007
used to describe the characteristic limp wrist of many gay and/or french men.
he is an altbggt because of his riding boots and frenchman's wave
by altbggt November 11, 2008