The French onion is when you fuck your girl while she is taking a dump
We went the restrraunt and had French onion soup , when we got home , we did the French onion.
by Poppoppoppop November 7, 2017
When you dive into a gorgeous ass on a hot chick, you know the one that's like an onion and makes ya wanna cry, but you end up encountering a smelly, sweaty, mung bunghole and you have no choice but to retreat.
Joe picked up a hot chick at the bar and took her home for some hot drunken sex. He went down to eat da booty but encountered a French Onion and after gagging asked her to go shower first.
by Eaton Holgoode October 6, 2015
ashley bowen; a girls smelly vagina
dont go near french onion, she may have a disease
by juyh12 December 6, 2010
(Pronounced - fra-INCH ON-yan FACE-shil)
When a Frenchman with a UTI jizzes on his partners face.
While satisfying male patients, Parisienne nurse Antonia enjoys getting a French onion facial
by Frank Lynch November 18, 2022
When a man stuffs a red onion in a females mouth and then punches her in the kidneys while doing her doggystyle.
This creates the tears that flow over the red onion. Then he blows his load on her face creating cheese effect. Voila!
Did you give Vanessa a "French Onion Soup" last night?
Sure did! I love that soup!
by jackal16 November 18, 2010
When you take chip dip and put it in the girls vagina then have sex and when you are done you eat it out of her.
I gave Allie the French onion dip and it was delicious.
by The krusty crab June 24, 2017