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1. The Smoking Stage
2. The Eating Stage
3. The Everything is alive Stage
4. The Sleeping Stage
Guy 1: Those 4 stages of being high are soo true, i didnt believe it when you first told me before we lit up!
Guy 2: I knew you realized it when you started screaming at the refridgerater!
by DaFuzz March 13, 2005
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First Stage: Hyper
Second Stage: Feeling very happy
Third Stage: Stoned; Where you feel almost dead and anything is comfy
Fourth Stage: Retarded; Where you literally can't operate your own mind and body

After the last stage, it will restart as a new cycle but a "higher" level
Person 1: Dude ok what if when we are smoking, like we are going through a neverending of The four stages of being high, and it just keeps going..
Person 2: Like how you get hyper then happy..oh then you get stoned..hmm and whats above that?
Person 1: Thats when you smoked so much and you are just Retarded
Person 3: Whoa dude..dude!?! look at the spider, I'm so high that I don't care.
by Dizz85 June 26, 2010
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