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The Food Reviewer (aka TFR) is an obese white teenager who "reviews" food. He is a world-renowned professional food critic, and has spent almost his entire life in culinary school. He was brought into the food business by Paula Surette, owner and CEO of Cakes By Paula. He creates youtube videos where he "reviews" food, and decides whether or not "It's a buy" after using his amazing taste skills to test the food. His culinary abilities put Bobby Flay and Paula Dean to shame. His most notable video is probably the Fruit Gushers review which has unfortunately been removed from his account. His videos have become highly popular, not because of their educational food information, but rather because of the humor of a fat boy reviewing junk food. I highly recommend his videos if you want to learn about the tastiness of Entenmann's Chocolate Donuts or if you simply want to laugh.
A typical clip from the food reviewer

"Ok, today I'm going to review fruit gushers"
*Inserts gushers into mouth*
"It's definitely a buy"
by noap July 01, 2012
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