Much like the Dino Spumoni, The Fonz is when you catch two people off guard and shove both of your thumbs up the said persons rectums and shout "Aaaay!"
"Kathleen and I were talking in the common room when Mike came out of no where and got us with "The Fonz" I have a restraining order against him."
by Brian Conway January 21, 2009
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With two standing girls poised asses inward, a central guy throws both his arms outward and inserts one thumb per anus. "Aaaayyyy! You just got humiliated!"

Last weekend Dan was one freak short of a Fonz-fest. Aaaaay, maybe next time, buddy. But even The Fonz would wash his hands before eating.
by SKlebfosho September 10, 2006
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A Leather clad greaser who rides a motorbike and works in a Garage. Is a tenant of the Cunninghams in the Popular 1970s sitcom Happy Days, Played by Henry Winkler
FONZ - Aye Mr C, Ill bring Chachi and Potsie around for Thanksgiving Dinner

HOWARD - Ok fonz, marion will cook the turkey, Joanie will peel the spuds and richie will get the Beer

FONZ - Ayee.
by Brother Number One July 08, 2004
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A really sexy guy on a T.V. show called happy days

the fonz usually says "Aaayyy" while sticking his thumbs up in the air. He also is able to attrackt women by snapping his fingers and can start the juke box by hitting it
by Remedy July 05, 2003
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The act of inserting one's thumb into another's anus, repeatedly.
"Suzie squealed like a pig in heat whilst I was fonzing her last night."
by Grebby Boeby July 13, 2005
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Fonz comes from the nick name of Fonzy from an old T.V. series called Happy Days. This word is used by me for the meaning of Cool or Good or Great. This word is a possitive use and should always be that way.
I am Fonz, My life is Fonz, Fonzy from Happy Days is Fonz.
by Ant Rice July 19, 2005
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