The Future of Golf, aka Nish, aka Nick Ouellette from Beachwood, NJ
Wow look at the FoG drive that par 4 in one and tap in for eagle, he truly is the future of golf.
by ocaura December 16, 2011
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When there is fog disrupting visibility and technically it is raining slightly, but rain is so light that "raining" is not quite the right description.
I might take a rain coat on the walk since it is fogging out there.
by Richie L CH January 31, 2017
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When a girl goes down on you and breathes hot air on your dick. The goal is to make so much fog that she can write her name in it.
Come on, girl...fog it up...write cha name in it
by Sm34J September 05, 2011
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Public reprimand or criticism by a supervisor or superior. Fogging is unique in that the reprimand is done outside the supervisor's area of expertise. Fogging usually occurs during a presentation by the foggee.
Brad: "Fred, how did your meeting go with the Boss?"
Fred: "Horrible. I got fogged by him during my presentation. Now I have to come in Saturday to write TPS reports"
by Addicted to crack April 02, 2008
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fogged, another word for 'highly medicated', in the sense of OTC medication and illegal drug induced
I saw Sue today, she was all fogged up!
by Leigh January 17, 2005
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When a person smokes marijuana but has only received a "buzz" from it rather than a full on high.
"I'm fogged, can I have another hit?"
by MothaFerJones April 27, 2015
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You’re in your own world. It’s a state of mind, you’re just vibin’.
Person 1: *Dancing with no music on*
Person 2: what is he doing

Person 3: He’s in his own fog
by Rosegarden146337 September 23, 2018
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