The act of taking your ballsack and penis in your hand and twisting them up-side down to make it look like a fly's face.
Try The Fly's Eyes infront of the mirror first, once you have perfected it do it to people who will and wont appreciate it, the people who don't will make the people who do laugh... Workmates, girlfriends, her family!

Its fun!
by Big Deee September 9, 2009
male version of camel toe. each ball falls to either side of their pant leg....resembeling fly eyes
look at that tool....he's got major fly eyes.
by mcat August 2, 2006
the act of stretching your nuts as far as they can go, making them resemble fly eyes, then rubbing your balls across someone's face. This apparently happens a lot in Jersey.
"That guy's such a douchebag, I just wanna give him the fly eyes."
by Caiticat August 11, 2013
Male equivalent of a camel toe, so named because of the resemblance to the eyes of a fly.
I can't wear Speedos because I get a horrendous case of fly's eyes.
by jseale1978 October 28, 2003
when your getting head and you rest your balls on the bridge of the girls nose.
Teddy-"yeah suger pie that feels great, now lets see some flys eyes"

Janis-"oh yeah Teddy bear put them on my nose"
by johnny jerkmeoff April 14, 2006
the act of pushing one's ball bag through the buttoned hole at the front of mens boxer shorts
try it at home in front of mirror / girlfriend's pairents
by shitty Nicko November 17, 2004
The act of placing your balls onto someones eye socket
by hahaha :) September 22, 2006