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Flore is a smart girl and who would be attractive in every way. She tries to be her best every single day, and she loves to hang out with her friends. Juicy gossip is what she lives for, but also family. She has a great personality and is amazing in every way. She loves her best friends, and always makes time for her partner. Overall Flore is gorgeous and perfect. If you ever meet a Flore in your life, don’t let her go.
“That’s my girl Flore!”
by MINISOLife June 30, 2018
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Flore is the most beautiful, cutes girl you will ever meet. She is sweet, caring and the best friend you can ever get. She can be very clumsy, what makes her even more cuter than she already is. She is very insecure and the kind of girl who blushes and smiles when someone calls her beautiful. She will always be there for you and cares more about others than she cares about herself. She is quiet but once you get to know her, she doesn’t stop talking and her sassy side comes up. If you have a Flore in your life you don't want to lose her. All the boys can't stop thinking about her once she walks by.
Wow your girlfriend is Flore, you must be very lucky!
by Bejekebrjtue February 6, 2020
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A amazing person, all the girls wants to be her and all the boys want to be with her. She is the smartest and prettiest person and has the best personality. Never gets rejected and has fake friends
Flore is awesome.
by Amazing human being January 27, 2020
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A Flores is one Badass Marine, that fights insurgents and is always square away in uniform. He can pick up attractive women by kind, jovial and honest. He is never afraid to fight and shows great leadership and is well respective with his follow Marines.

One who picks up hot girls by being honest and kind. Shows them respect and usually goes to their place within the first five mins of meeting.
Col "Who is that square away Marine over?"

SgtMaj " Oh, thats Flores, one badass Marine, he took out twenty insurgents by himself."

Hey see Tom over there talking to that hot girl? He just pulled a Flores and took her home within five minutes.
by Killer eyes June 26, 2010
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intercourse where every inch of the body is on the floor. rough, dramatic and unconventional also known as doggie style.
Man 1:Damm, my back hurts!
man 2: did you sleep wrong?
Man 1: no its because me and my girl had a flores last night.
by chowcow22 June 17, 2010
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When a man busts a nut inside a girl's mouth even though she said no
Omg bestie last night Pedro floresed me even though I said not to today. Bruh what a jerk!!!
by juniorman April 18, 2015
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