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1. A multiplayer game in which one person yells, "The floor is lava!" and all other players must comply and find higher ground to get to. Anywhere but the floor is safe and if players stay on the floor, then they are painfully burned to death. The floor becomes safe only when the player that called "lava" recalls that the floor has solidified and is safe to walk upon.

2. An utterance that causes absolute havoc when shouted. The equivalent of yelling "Fire" in a crowded theater, but perfectly legal and much more fun.
"When my friend yelled the floor is lava, I jumped on top of him to save myself and he burned to death."
by Bill Cosby's son, Bill Cosby November 02, 2007
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The most epic game in exsistence. Involves to or more people. The game is started by one person shouting that "The floor is lava!" After that, all people surrounding must find higher grounds (chairs, couches, pillows, younger siblings) to save themselves. If you touch the ground, you die. The game can be started anywhere, and is often fun to play in crowded places, such as the mall or the movie theater.
"The floor is lava!"
(everyone screams and jumps onto chairs and old people)
by lavagirllovessharkboy November 28, 2009
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Its a joke when someone yells THE FLOOR IS LAVA!!! that means find anywhere to go on top of or hang on but none of you body parts can touch the floor the catch is you only have 5 seconds to find something.
"In walmart bob yelled THE FLOOR IS LAVA!!! when I was picking out a XBOX game".
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by Miyahda_greatest November 22, 2017
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