The Fear is obtained after a long night of drinking when your holding back a wave of liquid feces, hell bent on burning ones asshole. In this dire situation people look as though they might have seen a ghost and or like they have just witnessed a prison rape.
Khed I drank so much jager tonight...come morning Im destined to have the fear!!
by Frydae November 18, 2011
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Often associated with the loss of something or a dreaded situation. The feeling of your heart being either in your throat or in your gut.
I flew by a cop going 50 over the speed limit. I was so overcome by "the fear" that I quit paying attention to the road and crashed my car.
by KD March 17, 2005
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A stupid character in Metal Gear Solid 3. Use the thermal googles for a big advantage.
Seriously, you'd have expected good ol' Hideo to have leared his lesson from the stupid Dead Cell characters in MGS2, but no, he created 'The Fear' and all the other stupid characters.
by Uberr0x0r March 17, 2005
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Phrase used to describe a person who is scared of parking close, or next to roadside curbs, for fear of scuffing or scratching their new alloys or rims.
Person A: Damn!! Why's Matt takin so long to park?! He can normally throw that car into any space!

Person B: Ah, he's got those new alloys, he must have 'the fear'.

Person A: Fo' Sho'.
by Mattclarke83 August 21, 2005
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