Lady GaGa's debut album, released in August 2008. The first two singles from the album were "Just Dance" and "Poker Face", both topping charts worldwide. Other singles from the album include "Eh Eh (Nothing Else I can Say)", "LoveGame" and "Paparazzi". GaGa heavily promoted the album through her first headlining The Fame Ball Tour.
The Fame track listing:
1. Just Dance
2. LoveGame
3. Paparazzi
4. Beautiful, Dirty, Rich
5. Eh Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say)
6. Poker Face
7. The Fame
8. Money Honey
9. Again Again
10. Boys Boys Boys
11. Brown Eyes
12. Summerboy

The bonus tracks on certain international releases of the album include:

I Like It Rough
Paper Gangster
Diaco Heaven
Retro Dance Freak
by Đăķåņą September 29, 2009
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a technique used to avoid losing "the game". When you here the game, think that you heard The Fame, the album by Lady Gaga
Kid 1:hey

Kid 2:what

Kid 1:the game

Kid 2:The Fame, i love that album
by urworsthacker01 November 02, 2011
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Something We all adore, something worth dying for, stuck in this game searchin' for fortune and fame

Fame is good to a certain extent, but the lack of privacy really sucks
by AC November 29, 2003
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what happens to you when you give an acceptance speech in front of Kanye West
Imma letchu finish, but it's important for you to know that I, kanye west, have a burning uncontrollable desire to make an ass of myself in the most hilarious and racist way possible. Taylor since you aren't yet famous enough, here's a little bit more fame to help you feel better about being embaressed in front of the whole world. Don't feel so bad, you'll make millions off this.
by mostlyincorrectdefinition December 30, 2010
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When you are considered hardcore by your peers, and when you know that no one is better then you.
Person:Brandon, your so fame.
Brandon: old!
by Andihopeuchoke December 21, 2006
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Present in those whose actions rest in the long term memory caches of others. While an explicit introduction of the said individual may be given, it should merely be a formality as the true introduction should have been apparent when the individual entered the vicinity.
"As he walked into the room, the fame dripped from his face. The fabric of time began to twist as his aura began to mold the future."
by Jondie October 06, 2009
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