The Flat Ass Disease, when a good lookin girl with a flat ass
If this occurs, than you would say that girl suffers from 'The FAD'.
by CJ Hillstead October 22, 2003
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a thing that becomes very popular in a short amount of time, and then is forgotten at about the same speed.
Furbies, Pokemon, A and F.
by Fatass February 21, 2003
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An intense situation that consists of a fun activity.
A combination of the words "fun" and "madness."
"Dude! You should have been at the Dr. Manhattan concert last night!"

"I know! I heard it was absolute fadness, for sure!"
by Stevey :) June 20, 2008
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Something that will become HUGE then fizzle into nothingness and be totally forgotten.
YOU: look at my TAMAGOTCHI!!!!!
ME: you're about 6 years late on that fad...I just
went rave
ME: Im all about tamagotchis.
YOU: *wearing rave clothing and chucking tamagotchi
in the bin*
by tamara10 February 16, 2009
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is an acronym to discribe something or the way people dress for a period of time, ie., For A Day
Wow, the way you wear your hat sucks....its just a FAD
by Russell Pridgen December 05, 2007
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A trend (as in music, fashion, tv show, card game, etc.) enjoyed for a short period of time, then cast aside because it isn't "popular" anymore.
Fads= Pokemon, emo, Good Charlotte, body glitter, pogs, products with your first initial on them, Luis Vuitton,
soon to be fads= Juicy, the OC, Sevens, Britany Spears,
by Sarah Pupster February 20, 2006
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Zip, nada, bugger all. Fuck All Divided by Six.
Yez cunts' word's wuth FADS.
by Lord Grimcock August 27, 2008
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