named after the little-known celebrity Evan Hill, this is best described as a way of life. to perform The Evan you must live life as a complete asshole while still maintaining or even gaining the respect of those who you humiliate.
bob: dude, you were a total dick at that party last night.

rob: yeah, i pulled The Evan though.

bob: hows that?

rob: i got invited to another party and walked out of there with four phone numbers.
by alk3Evan June 3, 2009
named after the little-known celebrity, Evan Hill. contrary to other definitions of The Evan, it describes something very strange that you or anyone else has done.
i shaved designs into my leg hair lastnight, man, it was The Evan.
by thehungryturtle June 12, 2009
named after the internet celebrity Evan Hill, The Evan actually describes the act of being a complete and total smart ass.
that guy over there is a complete smart ass. yet i cant help but laugh at his jokes.....about me. now that's The Evan.
by thekillercondom August 12, 2009
The Evan is a term used to describe the act of having sex with one's coat on. typically the male will aquire his jacket and proceed to boff (mate with) the female. Other phrases include the Double Evan, in which the female is also wearing a coat, or the Half-Evan in which the male has removed half the coat. The much more rare version of this, of course, is the Frozen Evan. This is when the male is wearing a fluffy down ski jacket. this often will get in the way of things and is chosen only by the most daring of Evaners.
"James and i did The Frozen Evan, you know, The Evan, only with a ski jacket, in order to spice things up in the bedroom, last night."
"Did it work?"

"Not even a little, the feathers in the down of his coat kept poking through and scratching me.
by lovesmaul415 February 21, 2010
Evan is one of the best friends you will ever have. He is kind, funny, joyful, and loving. Evans are pretty smart, but they can sometimes act like a know-it-all. He is one of the most hilarious and fun people you will ever meet, and he can always make you laugh, even if you are nowhere near him. Though he may seem weird to people who don’t know him, his close friends know that he is complety insane, but it’s great. It is so fun to be around an Evan. Evan is a friend that will always be there for you no matter what. If you have the blessing of being friends with an Evan, never let him go.
Evan is a wonderful friend.
by LazyTaco17 March 29, 2018
Evan is a very nice, caring person. He's literally the best and lots of people love him. I hope that he's somewhere now searching this up and he sees it and making his day.

I love you Evan <3
"I love Evan so much, he's just the straw to my berry"
Someone who has a beautiful, precious, and caring heart. He is so extremely handsome and can make you easily fall in love with his beautiful eyes, and big smile. When you hug him you immediately feel safe and at home. He makes love the greatest feeling in the world, and never fails to make someone happy. He is the most loving, selfless, kind-hearted, caring, and respectful guy anyone would be lucky enough to know let alone love. This is the type of guy you’d want to be your boyfriend for he has the most respect and shows you off like your his most prized possession. He is inspiring, and strong and unbelievably perfect. Anyone would be lucky enough to know an evan, but if you are able to fall in love with one... get ready for the greatest experience of your life in the most positive and happiest way.
“Oh damn, I wish I was dating an Evan!”
“Fuck, Evans hot.”
“You’re so lucky you’re dating an Evan.”
by IloveEvanCC September 27, 2018